Automatic Long Cutting Machine


  • *Size:3400x4600x2900 mm.

  • Fabric working width:min.25 cm-max.280 cm.

  • The electric motors that being used in the machine use independent motor drivers to provide torque control.

  • There is protection system against to electric cut and it continues to work itself when the power is back.

  • The machine electrical commands and movements are made using PLC. (programmable logistic control).

  • Through electronical and mechanical equipments in the knife mechanism, control the height of the pile on cloth side of towel and cutting it from the center of the fabric via stepper motor.

  • At the enterance of the machine, there is a j-box which stock towels for reducing the number of machine stop.

  • Speed range:0- 80 meters/ min.

  • There are 5 self automatic controlled independent blades within machine.

  • Sensitivity settings can be arranged by the operator panel.