Automatic Long Hemming Machine


  • The machine automatically stops when the right and left sewing machines do not lubricate at the time of operation.
  • Protection system against power cut and operator dependent opening feature when power is back
  • The machine stops automatically if there is a passing and lost of sewing.
  • By using fiber optic system, towel edge can be followed and also robotic motors are used in the movement mechanism.
  • If the fiber optic system encounters a problem that can not follow the towel edge the machine stops automatically.
  • Left and right mechanism has 3 pieces of fiber optic system.
  • Photocell and telescobic motor in the centering unit at the entrance of the machine makes fabric at the center.
  • When there is thread broke at left and right stitching machine, machine stops automatically and operator is informed by flashing lamps.
  • Left and right stitching machines can do double chain stitching.
  • Left and right stitching machines are E32 Pegasus.
  • Edge pulling units are specially designed to pull the towel without damaging folds of towel.
  • Garbage drops from towel’s edge are being collected by vacuum system.
  • Thanks to digital touch screen you are able to arrange, see and set;
    *The meter of stitched fabric and simultaneous speed of machine in terms of meter/minute,
    *Adjustability of accuracy measurements according to sorts of fabric being stitched.
    *Some fonctions can be made on-off whenever wishes single edge sewing.

*When long hemming machine is working, machine able to stitch 20 meter/minutes speed means 3 stitches per cm.
*Instant meter status of sewing threads.
*It shows usage consumption of sewing threads in 1 cm,
*It is possible to see remaining time of maintenance.

  • Thanks to the edge fabric apparatus provides 8 mm. thick edge folding

When long hemming machine is working 20 meter/minutes speed 3 stitches per 1 cm can be obtained.